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Curses! Foiled again!

Clerks 2

A quick rundown.

Just this once

Just this once twice...

The Second Last Great Gallifrey Base/4chan War is happening right now happened one fine March day in 2017.


And so it began.

The war to end all wars.

With all the recent 'Hartnell locked in the basement' rumours, /who/, in fine form, believed it was time to revive the fake spoilers meme of old. This was done by taking an old picture of Capaldi and David Hurndall, altering it slightly and posting it to the DWSR hashtag, in a bid to suggest the rumours of the First Doctor returning were true under the alias of a welsh bloke who liked rugby.

Prolific Hollywood actor and male pattern balding expert Mark Wahlberg took the prime bait, and posted the image to Gallifrey Base.

Within minutes, the situation turned into a full blown battle. Wahlberg turned to insults such as ''fuck off you waste of sperm'', and telling another Gallifrey Base member to kill themselves.

/who/, under the guises of Gallifrey Base members, then began to insist that the Golden Globe nominee had himself created the image. This led to Wahlberg repeatedly smashing his head against his desk and refusing to go downstairs for tea.

It was then that the award-winning actor's already shit reputation as a liar and hate figure was forever made irredeemable.


It was all Planet Mondas.


TRIGGER WARNING: Fake Spoilers ahead!


Literally everyone got banned. Bravo Gallifrey Base Mods.

A brief summary of the events that unfolded

The following is a brief summary of the events that unfolded:

Some time later

Well fuck, it turns out the fake spoilers weren't so fake after all. BRAVO LADS.