The Shadow Proclamation = posh name for space police.


The Proclamation are a truly awesome force of righteous power across time and space. Every time RTD invokes their name, the viewer's imagination is set alight with thoughts of what magnificent entity, what mind-bendingly immense conglomerate could become such a symbol of law for such a vast swathe of the universe.

Fan anticipation only grew for the day that the Doctor would finally meet them face-to-face - lo and behold, come the spectacular series 4 finale episode The Stolen Earth, it happened! When the Earth went missing entirely, Ten and Donna were forced to seek help from the only thing big enough to resolve such a stupendous crisis.

This was it. The point at which all the hype surrounding them would finally pay off. The TARDIS came in to land, and our heroes stepped out to face what could only be one of the most glorious conceptual set-pieces in the whole of the revived series!


HOLY FUCKING SHIT IT'S...basically a woman in a room with some Judoon.

The Shadow Proclamation

She does absolutely nothing apart from bitch at Ten for a bit before he abruptly leaves.

Shit proclamation

Th-thanks Russell.

Redemption Edit

The Proclamation returned in The Magicman's Appendix.
Shadow pals

Looking fine. Even the fucking Judoon doesn't look too out of place.

They actually got a decent fucking filming location this time, and didn't shoot it in that shitty cheap fashion, so needless to say it looked 100 times better. Even the woman from before came off as more impressive.

Based Moffat.