The Tinfoil Turkey is a Big Finish audio starring Pool MckGaan's sexy Eighth Doctor and his temporary assistant Mary Shelley doing battle with some Siberian Men in 19th century Vienna. This is another in Marc Platt's long running series of "fuck, the TV show is a mess isn't it? I'll do something the fans really want", and in this case it was to bring back the Mondasian Cybermen again.

Plot Edit

Sexy Paul McSexy takes Mary Shelley to Vienna to meet up with his gone and forgotten companions Samson and Gemma, but accidentally fucks up the timey-wiming and arrives 50 years too late. Just as well really, because it turns out there's been some murders involving eye gouging... ahem, Moffat. As they investigate, they hear rumours that some showman dude has a mechanical creature that plays board games, and of course it turns out to be a heavily damaged Cyberberman... ahem, Gaiman. Then a whole moral dilemma breaks out between the characters of "We should destroy this creature!"/"No, how could you be so cold, feel pity for it!". Ahem, Harness. Christ, does anyone else wanna get in on plagiarising this story? (and Spare Parts, for that matter?). Anyways, there's another showman dude with another heavily damaged Cyberberman who creates Cyberpuppets from wood and stealing peoples' eyes, and basically the two sing-song voiced clothfaces are both manipulating their showmen into getting them together so that they can fuck err, build a transmitter to contact Mondas and inform them of how they've successfully reached Earth.

Reception Edit

It's decent. Not really as GOAT as Spare Parts, but c'mon now... were you honestly expecting anyone to top those heights again? It's still good though, and you'll especially love it if you're into the Philip Hinchcliffe-esque gothic horror end of Who.

You can tell it's a noteworthy story because it's one of the few audios that the inbreds over on TARDIS Data Core Wiki have bothered to give a full plot synopsis for.

They got the cybermen voices wrong though