The Doctor is gonna bust a cap in some limey's ass

Much better than the other time Tom Baker tried to play Sherlock.

The Peking Homunculus


Typical asian man

Fun fact: There were actual Asian actors in England at the time. Hell, there were Asian actors in the studio at the time. Instead, they went with this guy.

The Talons of Wang-Chung, also know as Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Racist Rats of Limehouse, is a Season 14 story written by Robert Holmes.

It stars Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor, Louise Jameson as Leela, a white guy in yellowface, a couple of terribly british gentlemen, and Deep Roy, who appears in your nightmares every night after you see the episode.

Background Edit

Talons was the final story of The First Golden Age of Doctor Who and the last story featuring Philip Hinchcliffe as Producer after he was arrested for killing Mary Whitehouse. The show was handed over to Graham Williams the following season.


Maximum spooky.


GOAT, except for the rat and the systemic oppression of east-asian immigrants to England which is reflected in the story's shabby treatment of the primarily Chinese inhabitants of Limehouse, the thoughtless casting of a white man in offensively bad yellowface as the villain, the casual racism visible throughout the script, and the general misanthropy espoused by the writer, Robert Holmes. But mostly the rat.