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The Thick Of It


12th Doctor catchphrase
Malcolm Tucker IS Dr Who!

Malcolm Tucker IS Dr Who!

Check it out.

Day of the Water

The Thick of It was a politically-charged Doctor Who spin-off starring Persnickety Capaldoom as the Twelfth Doctor and co-starring Seb as his companion.

Plot Edit

The Twelfth Doctor (under the pseudonym Malcolm Tucker) destroys British politics from the inside. Iconic Doctor Who favourites such as the TARDIS, the sonic screwdriver and K-9 don't appear presumably due to the more adult-oriented nature of the programme.

Reception Edit

GOAT of all fucking GOATS. I'd love to stop and chat but I'd rather have type 2 diabetes.

Doctor Who connection Edit

The show also features several familiar faces from Doctor Who, although many have different names.

Seb as Ollie.

Walsh (The UNIT lady from The Zygon Invasion) as Nicola Murray.

Douglas, the incompetent scientist from The Pyramid at the End of the World, is Dan Miller.

The Master is in disguise as Julius Nicholson.

Additional Characters Edit

Also there’s a bunch of literally who’s that played a minor role and show up occasionally.

The Controller from Bad Wolf is in it.

One of the Monks.

Van Statten’s Guard/Sycorax/UNIT Soldier/who cares?

Missy (not related to Missy) from Nightmare in Silver.

Pangol from The Leisure Hive.

Some kid from The Mind Robber.

An extra from The Robots of Death and The Face of Evil.

Probably more, but I’ve had enough searching IMDB.