The Three Families are an ancient conspiracy reaching back to the dawn of the 20th century with one goal: to ruin Doctor Who forever.


The Moffats

The Moffat clan.

The Moffats hail from Scotland, and have planned for ages to take their revenge on England (Whichever one of you fucks linked England to Britain, I hope you know that even I as a clueless American know that is completely wrong as Britain is generally used to refer to the country itself or to the British Isles, not to England which is simply a country on the Isles) by destroying that which the country loves most: Doctor Who.

Known Moffats:Edit


The Troughtons

The Troughton clan.

The Troughtons are a showbiz family with immense reach and grasp. Their interest in Doctor Who is largely financial.

Known Troughtons:Edit


The Bakers

The final bosses of the Baker clan, Tom and Colin.

Clan Baker is the most powerful of the three families. They control the series almost from the top to the bottom.

Known Bakers:Edit

In fictionEdit

The Three Families also appeared in Miracle Day, with their names slightly changed but no other changes made to their histories, personalities, or goals. Their initial attempt to destroy Doctor Who (Miracle Day itself) is thwarted, but they swear to enact plan B...