The Time Travellers is a book by Simon Guerrier starring the First Doctor and the Classic TARDIS Team. It involves time travel, weird shit, fucked up science, and a huge fucking retcon to the entire premise of the series.

Book ReportEdit

The Doctor and his bitches and bitchettes land in an underground station in London, 2006, just as a scientist materializes from the vortex and falls down some steps, breaking his neck. Ian and Susan go looking for help while the Doctor and Barbara stay behind. However, Ian and Susan discover something mildly shocking to them and hugely shocking to the reader: London in 2006 does not look like a place where Love and Monsters might take place (thank god). Instead, London in 2006 looks like the sort of blasted futuristic hellscape that the Doctor and friends might land in, if the show had the budget for it. Ian and Susan are chased by a man with a shotgun, only to witness (to further shock and confusion) the dead scientist walk out of the undergound station and meet the man, then go into a bunker.

I won't go into too much more detail, because it's really fucking twisted and spoilery, but I will mention what the huge retcon is. The old exchange comes up again of how "You can't change history, not one line". The Doctor then responds "We change history every time we step out of the doors of the Ship." A TARDIS, a working TARDIS, is designed to allow perfect observation of a moment of history without adversely affecting it, thanks to its powerful sensors and chameleon circuit. The Doctor's busted ass piece of crap, however, does affect the local time-space due to its blue box exterior. Furthermore, he insists that proper observational time travel just doesn't work for him, it's not "real" enough for him. And worse, every time the Doctor lands in his freaky piece of crap, he alters all of time moving forward from that moment, essentially destroying the entire timeline's future. Every episode set chronologically after the TARDIS lands is at best changed, and at worst completely undone.

This is illustrated in bizarre and wonderful detail with a story that's heavy on some fucked up concepts and ideas, which is in turn going to be rewritten and retconned out of time by a later episode. It's a weird and wonderful story that offers a view of time travel that the new series won't quite match up with, but was written in an era where the show's future was once again secured. Check it out, why don'tcha.