Doctor Who - Out of Sync Title Sequences (Read Description)00:41

Doctor Who - Out of Sync Title Sequences (Read Description)

Absolutely Disgusting

The Titles Are Out of Sync Again is the immortal cry of every Capaldi skeptic out there (well not every Capaldi skeptic, I don't mean to sterotype. It's the Twitter ones mainly). Some would argue that, while it is pretty baffling, it's not worth obsessing over it. These people are fucking idiots and the syncing people are worse than Hitler.

Funnily enough the guitar theme from Before the Flood everyone hated actually had the titles in sync.

Justification Edit

While playing with his action figures Moffat was kidnapped by incredibly loyal fans and dragged to Paul McGann's basement where he was violently raped by Ian Levine. He was informed that the process was not stopped until he gave a reason for the syncing. After 589 hours he told them that the programming they used for syncing was on a #BringBackMattSmith protest strike and he refused to negotiate with it as Moffat directly sustains himself on pissing off fans.

The Future Edit

When Chibnall takes over not only will the titles be in sync but they will also cure cancer.

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