Season 23, alternately known by its umbrella title The Trial of a Pie Lord, was a 14-part season-long arc of Doctor Who. It marked the final season for a ton of GOAT people in the cast and crew (such as Pie Lord as Doka, Nicholas Briggs as tiddies, Rob Holmes as alive, and Seaweed as script editor), ergo making it the last canon season of Classic Who until Season 25.

Story Edit

The Sixth Doctor is brought to Gallifrey and put on trial by the Time Lords for crimes against fashion. The charges also include genocide (one of the Doctor's favourite hobbies). A mysterious chap called the Lumberyard acts as prosecutor - he is later revealed to be an evil future version of the Doctor.

Peri leaves and Mel shows up during this season, but only halfway through, so at least the first two stories are watchable.

Serials of Season 23 Edit

While Trial is technically one big story and, if one were to follow that logic, the longest Doctor Who story in terms of episode amount, the storyline is split up into four separate segments that are distinct enough that parts of the fandom (aka. intelligent fans) consider it four serials glued together.

Episode Title Written By Description
The Mysterious Pie Robert Holmes The Sixth Doctor is made to witness a never before seen underrated GOAT adventure from his past as part of a trial by some shady prick to prove that he ain't good for the universe and should be put to death.
MindPie Philip Martin The Sixth Doctor is made to witness a never before seen GOAT adventure that he just had prior to the trial where Peri was kill (oh, erm... spoilers) to prove that he ain't good for the universe and should be put to death.
Terror of the Pievoids Pip & Jane Baker The Sixth Doctor tries to defend himself by showing an adventure from his future to prove that he is good for the universe (which should be breaking a couple laws of time in itself), which ends up backfiring on him.
The Ultimate Pie Robert Holmes/Pip & Jane Baker Elements from the three previous segments are neatly tied together in this thrilling conclusion and the Trial storyarc reaches a perfect and satisfying end... least, it would've had Bob not died halfway through the writing and JNT not given the reigns to Shitty McShit faces for the final episode.

Production Edit

The Trial Of A Pie Lord DVD

Shit went haywire during production including the death of scriptwriter Robert Holmes, the resignation of script editor Eric Sour'd and ended with the firing of Baked Colon. On the bright side though, we got an awesome one season theme tune by Dominic Glynn.

Reception/Review Edit

Law and Order: Time Lord Unit received Series 8-esque reception - it's good but many people are too autistic to see it. The Mysterious Planet has based Sabalom Glitz and is a pretty comfy story. Mindwarp is pretty good too, with episode 4's cliffhanger being probably one of the finest in the program's history.

The rest of the season would've been fine if Mel didn't exist and PippinJain Baker could write a decent conclusion.

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