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The Graveyard.

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Sixie gets hacked.

The politician's husband

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The Valeyard

No, seriously...

The Knackers Yard is an amalgamation of the darker side of the Doctor's nature taken from somewhere between his twelfth and final incarnations, ie. Handy.

Story Edit

The Junkyard appears throughout The Trial of a Pie Lord and tries to steal the Sixth Doctor's remaining regenerations.

Characters that could be The Valeyard Edit

As we all know, The Valeyard will someday come back (yes he will, we just have to keep asking Moffat Chibnall about him and The Rani).

Here is a list of characters that could possibly be The Valeyard in disguise:


Danny Splink

Clara (because she never existed)

The Daleks

The Valeyard

River Song

Whatever the fuck The Silence were

The Rani

Santa Claus

The 1st Doctor

The 2nd Doctor

The Splink Doctor

The Overrated Doctor

The Underrated Doctor

The Pie Lord Doctor


The Based Doctor

The Even More Based Doctor

The Even More Overrated Doctor

The Foot Face Doctor

The Transgender Ginger Doctor

The GOAT Doctor

The Canon Doctor

The Dream Lord