"My stories? Junked?"


The Doctor, in the process of joining The Illuminati.

The Pleb of Fear was the fifth story in the fifth season of Medical Question. It is considered to be the good one out of the two Yeti stories, as The Aboringable Snowmen is dull as dogshite.

Basic Info Edit

Web saw the introduction of possibly the most beloved corpse-turned-Cyberman in all of existence, Brigadier Cleft-lip Stewart (though he is merely a Colonel here), and the story sees him being molested by furries as he, the Doctor, the Jamie and the screamer do battle with the most boring Doctor Who villain of all time - The Great "Intelligence", whom Moffat thought was such a genius product of storytelling that he absolutely HAD to include him as the central villain of Series 7 for... some reason...

Missing episode recovery Edit

For millennia this story was deemed unwatchable - literally, as alas it was a victim of the BBC's junking period. Only episode one had survived for a long time, having been lovingly returned from Hong Kong by our great friend Chang Lee. In 2013 though, Flipped Mirrors found all the other episodes of this story, as well as all those from The Enema of the World, in Nigeria. To celebrate his achievement, he brought the episodes to Ian Levine's house where they partied with bitches and hoes galore. Unfortunately, Ian being the Abzorbaloff that he is, accidentally touched the film can for episode 3 and thus it got sucked into his arse crack, never to be seen again.