The World Shapers is a comic. The reception of this story goes to show that a lot of fans are too retarded to know how to use wikipedia, or even fucking Google for that matter.

Story Edit

It's a Sixth Doctor story that Grant Morrison wrote during the 1980s, and it was actually pretty good. Not as great as Spare Parts, but good.

It involves the Voord accelerating their evolution via a world shaper (hence the title, duh) and turning into Cybermen. A weird-ass idea, but not the worst one. Not the best either, just weird.

Reception Edit

However, fans hate the shit out of this story only because it contradicts Spare Parts, and that it was egotistical of Grant to dare to contradict that GOAT audio...even though The World Shapers was published almost fifteen years before Spare Parts. So the audio was contradicting the comic, and not the other way around. Oops.

Yeah, Spare Parts was more GOAT by comparison, but fans should know by now that Doctor Who doesn't even have a stable canon, and that the canon being different, in the past no less, is no reason to stop being a fan.

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