Cartoon sun

Seen here cosplaying as Peter Capaldi.

The Sun, also known as Sol, is the single greatest enemy humanity has ever faced, and serves as the longest running recurring enemy in the program, having served as the indirect villain of dozens of episodes starting with An Unearthly Child.

Having said that, The Sun is a tabloid which used to provide some excellent wanking material. In either case, looking at the Sun too much would make you go blind.

Fictional HistoryEdit

4.6 billion years ago, while the sun was still young, a racnoss hive was placed in a position henceforth referred to as one astronomical unit away, and began gathering material around it. In anger over this upstart faux-planet, the sun began its machinations.

In 100,000 BC, during the Doctor's first proper adventure on Earth, a tribe of sun worshippers became obsessed with the Doctor's ability to make fire, and threatened to kill his hostages if he didn't make it for them. It was all very undignified, least of all because Za was no leader.

In 1986, in order to put a permanent end to this mysterious interloper, the Sun revealed its ace in the hole: the planet originally intended to grow in the coveted 1AU slot. The planet and its cyberform populace attempted to destroy both the false Earth and the strange man who was its protector, but the stresses of the encounter destroyed the planet and merely mortally wounded the Doctor, resulting in his regeneration.

The sun and its machinations spread throughout the universe. Sentient stars allied with it against all humans. The Doctor began having nightmarish visions of it inverted in color. Knowing the reputation of sol, the God of Akhaten (a planet, not a sun) took on a guise similar to it to instill fear into its populace and confusion into viewers.

The sun's new plan was a direct attack on the evil replica planet, unleashing solar flares and waves to batter and deep fry the earth. Such solar flares were largely absorbed by TREEEEEEEES until humanity cut down too many. As a result, future solar flares caused extensive damage to industrial operations on Earth, until humanity was forced to flee their planet or be cooked alive by solar flares.

For a time, the sun was content. Pluto's population attempted to create an ersatz sun in order to lessen their dependency on the original, only for the power to corrupt and consume them. Humans otherwise stayed away from earth, lest they provoke the wrath of the sun. But all peace must come to an end, and so too must all wars.

In the year five billion, after aeons of abuse and control by the human population (now whittled down to just a single trampoline), the sun finally got its triumph, and at the hands of simple economics no less. The sun expanded, destroying the rocky interior planets, including the interloper (although some humans managed to escape before their planet crashed into it so they could instead go be spare parts for an insect's machine), and nearly killed both the Doctor and some snotty chav he was traveling with. Finally free of both the mysterious planet and the evil race that occupied it, the sun could at last relax.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The sun is really hot[citation needed]. It gives off ultraviolet and infrared radiation, and everything in between. Someday it will become a white dwarf star, but the canonicity of that remains dubious.

In 2050, the sun was discovered to be the spunk of a space kraken. The entire population of Earth voted to clean it up with a big tissue, but Shona refused and this inspired humanity to cure cancer.