At least one good thing came out of this whole ordeal.

Meet the Thirteenth Doctor - Doctor Who01:01

Meet the Thirteenth Doctor - Doctor Who


13 angry

Dang Chibs, chill... this is just a kids show


House predated the reveal by a decade. Reminder that Hugh Laurie is British and was probably in the know.

Female Doctor

The Curse of Fatal Death predated the reveal by nearly two decades by having the Thirteenth Doctor be a blonde woman.

Antigone Preview 301:14

Antigone Preview 3

9th and 13th argue over how many planets actually have a North.


Change, my dear. And it seems not a moment too soon.

13 Five

The Thirteenth/Fourteenth/Fifteenth Doctor will be played by Jodie "I just gave you a boner" Whittaker. She follows the Twelfth Doctor into an alley at night with a gun and a ski mask, and she eventually regenerates into Rupert Grint.

What Happened?Edit

Well, after much debate and polling on /who/ and betting sites being almost sure it would be Kris Marshall, expectations were semi-shattered when from underneath the blue cloak emerged Jodie Whittaker simultaneously BTFOing Krisfags, Rosenthallfags and Hayleyfags alike. It's still pretty early so we don't know what the future holds. More details to come.

A Female Doctor?Edit

So after 54 years Doctor Who finally gets itself a female Doctor. Announced on July 16 2017, the news fractured /who/ (as well as most of the internet.) This also makes Chibbers the first showruiner to cast a female as the lead, although in this day and age it's hardly a shock. If he'd cast another white male he'd be knee-deep in internet shit.

Olivia Colman on suicide watch.

Companions Edit

Reception Edit

Eh, I'm heartbroken because I always wanted the first female Doctor to be played by Idris Elba.

Gonna be GOAT.

THE DIAMOND AGE has been confirmed, Chinball will be smiling all the way to the matrix and Clara can't turn up, good.

Ian Levine has not reacted well to the news, and is most likely on his way to another stroke (we can only hope). /who/ and this wiki are now getting ready for the imminent release of another Doctor in Distress music video. We shall see if it's as GOAT as the original, though with Levine only being able to use the right half of his body since his stroke, it'll only be half as good (I'm going to hell for that one).
^That joke was so good I literally laughed my cock off.

So she is now officially the best Doctor because she triggered Ian Levine. Anything that triggers the Abzorbaloff is good in my book.

But I must warn you, she is likely going to be based on the Tenth Doctor, thus combining that factor with the fact she is a dame means that she exists to satisfy the Tumblr fans, so she won't be a perfect Doctor per se. Just GOAT enough to piss off the Abzorbaloff into composing "Doctor in this dress!"

inb4 she leaves after only one season and refuses to come back afterwards because she forgot she hates Doctor Who

Oh my god look at the stripes on her shirt! New companion strangling age incoming.

Arabella Weir Edit

The Thirteenth Doctor is actually a reincarnation of Arabella Weir.

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