Nice title you have there. Shame if someone were to...use it.

World Enough and Time (audio story)

Nice title you have there, again. Shame if someone was to use the same series...

The fact that NuWho has ripped-off Big Finish is just proof that the show should be cancelled and given to Big Finish.

Examples Edit

Idea Plagiarised Audio NuWho Episode
A companion from the Fourth Doctor era and K9 get thrown together with a later Doctor for an adventure just like old times. Shada School Reunion
Cyberman origin story. Spare Parts Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel, World Enough and Time/The Doctor Falls
A companion of the Doctor becomes sympathetic for a lone Dalek caged up in the dark. Jubilee Dalek
The Master is turned into a well-meaning human with no memory of his evil life beforehand. Master Utopia
The Doctor saves a woman who was supposed to die and the Time Lords get triggered. Storm Warning, Neverland Hell Bent
Female Doctor. Exile Series Dubs
A scene that parodies The Weakest Link. The One Doctor Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways
A basic story where the Doctor and assistant meet humans on Mars, uncover Ice Warriors, and one of the humans is greedy and mean and decides to hold one of the important high-up Warriors hostage. Red Dawn Empress of Mars
A showman has a heavily damaged Cyberman that can play board games as his prized collection. The Silver Turk Nightmare in Silver
A likable, down to Earth nurse onboard the TARDIS, in love with the female companion and put through a load of traumatic stuff. The Harvest, etc. The Vampires of Venice, etc.
The Doctor encounters the same woman over and over at different points in his life. The Sirens of Time The Name of the Doctor
An adventure that is a prequel to a couple of Classic Who's most famous stories, where it's revealed that Victorians traveled into space on an alien ship. Destination: Nerva Empress of Mars
A companion says goodbye to the Doctor via a letter. The Girl Who Never Was The Angels Take Manhattan
A ship in close proximity to a black hole is split into different timezones, separating a curly haired companion from the rest of the TARDIS crew, who is being partially transformed into a malevolent life form and attacked by jackasses. Aquitaine World Enough and Time
An alien attempts to destroy Venice by sinking it; fish people seek to reclaim the city once it's been sunk. The Stones of Venice The Vampires of Venice
A story intended as a jumping on point for the series, after it had become so complicated. We Are The Daleks The Pilot
During a murder mystery, the Doctor gathers the main cast of the story together, seemingly accuses someone, but then reveals that he wasn't actually accusing them in a quirky comedy style. Bang-Bang-A-Boom! The Unicorn and the Wasp
Creatures that create darkness and can effectively switch off a sun. Embrace the Darkness Blink, Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead
A malevolent being inhabits the Doctor's body and frequently battles for control of it. Zagreus Nightmare in Silver
The Daleks steal a planet, keeping it hidden from the rest of the universe, so that they can use it in their plan to burn the universe. The Apocalypse Element The Stolen Earth/Journey's End
A dusty old mummy is killing off people on a spaceship. Time's Horizon Mummy on the Orient Express
Davros, after being removed from his life support chair, is made to face his morality and seemingly changes for the better, before revealing he is still twisted and evil at the end. The Davros Mission The Magician's Apprentice/The Witch's Familiar
For the first time, the TARDIS as a cute girl (male) is able to talk to the Doctor and let him know how it really feels about him. Zagreus The Doctor's Wife

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