While NuWho does admittedly possess its own creativity, most of the time it basically just repackages ideas from Classic Who but with less effort put into it and with shiny CGI on top.

Examples Edit

Idea Plagiarised Classic Episode NuWho Episode
The Daleks pretend to be servants to the humans as a means to create more of themselves. One Dalek even "confirms" its loyalty to the humans in front of the Doctor, and offers someone a drink. The Power of the Daleks Victory of the Daleks
The crew of a spaceship have unknowingly taken a substance from a living entity and are now on a collision course for the celestial body that it inhabits. A member of the crew is possessed. Planet of Evil 42
A mysterious figure in black clothing sets an assassin on the Doctor, but the assassin ends up becoming a companion of the Doctor. Mawdryn Undead/Enlightenment A Good Man Goes to War/Let's Kill Hitler
An alternate world without the Doctor that has degraded into fascism and chaos, and the Royal family are killed. Inferno Turn Left
A loudmouthed woman on her way to an important event in her life ends up travelling onboard the TARDIS against her will, and then once she leaves she changes her mind and returns to the Doctor. Logopolis/Arc of Infinity The Runaway Bride/Partners in Crime
A companion is trapped inside a dreamscape with a malevolent being taunting her into making a decision. Kinda Amy's Choice
A scantily clad woman with a non-human skin colour kidnaps a companion and transports them to a spaceship in the same space but in a different dimension. The Doctor follows in pursuit. The Stones of Blood The Curse of the Black Spot
Humanoid servant robots on a vessel are reprogrammed to kill everyone onboard, with one particular scene showing a robot getting its hand stuck in a door during a murder attempt. The Robots of Death Voyage of the Damned
Mysterious underground aliens suck people down into their lair to experiment on them. Frontios The Hungry Earth
Introducing a shit companion Terror of the Vervoids The Bells of Saint John
The Doctor points out that someone has redecorated, then says he doesn't like the redecoration. The Three Doctors, The Five Doctors Closing Time, The Day of the Doctor
The Doctor attends a garden party in the 1920s where murders are committed by the secret son of the hostess. Black Orchid The Unicorn and the Wasp
A green alien wearing a human skin assumes a high position in a pleasant city as a means to find a way to escape Earth. The story has a comedic vibe and is full of joyful music. City of Death Boom Town
A corrupted human population is entertained by broadcasts of various ways of execution. Vengeance on Varos Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways
On a hospital ship, the Doctor and companion are miniaturized and placed inside the body of a creature that has gone wrong. The Invisible Enemy Into the Dalek
A planet where you must remain happy, and any sign of sadness leads to your execution. The Happiness Patrol Smile
The First Doctor introduces himself to another character with the line "I am the Doctor, the original you might say". The Five Doctors The Doctor Falls