Tinychan is an old BBS from the days of AnonTalk when a Swedish pedophile named Kimmo Alm once spammed 4chan with messages about hosting an illegal clone of his website which happened to be Tinychan itself. Gone are the days of, Tinychan still exists as a place for shitposts and drama.

"The Doctor !7MHPahvoGY"Edit

Relevant to /who/; this is the home website of "The Doctor", a user who posts nothing but catchphrases and silly little images mostly consisting of Eccleston Christopher Eccleston, and Colin Baker. He also has been know to post images of other television doctors, real or fictional, such as but not limited to any doctor character from Star Trek and known as his second incarnation, Dr. Phil .

Known traits of "The Doctor" consist of expressing his opinion on the non-existence of God which has lead many to believe that he is an atheist. He also shows his dislike of science fiction by referring to popular franchise such as Doctor Who, Star Wars, and Star Trek as childish.

He is on record giving the aforementioned franchises nicknames here .

Feud with TGcomixEdit

Just as The Doctor has his enemies so too does The Doctor. His rival, known by the moniker of TGcomix which is short for Transgenderedcomix also known as bobby2sox, madaboutdoc, and "The Master" continues his fight to expose the "truth" about the user known as The Doctor believing that he is a nonce (a sex offender / pedophile). Ironically, this is the message of The Doctor himself; claiming that his goal is to deal with those dianogised with the disorder known as autism and to make life Hell for nonces everywhere.

TGcomix is The Doctor's first and so far only companion as Doc's posting record now reaches seven to eight years of continous posting on 4chan and Tinychan.

Send in the ClonesEdit

Interesting enough, The Doctor is not without his imitators. It's not surprising considering how such a shtick is able to cause so much butthurt with little words which only forces people to prove it correct when they start acting like what they're being called out on yet people still do not see the irony behind it.

One known imitator which was outed by The Doctor himself is a tranny who goes by the moniker of Catherine, tripcode !TGirlYJKXM, who has posted a few threads on Tinychan.

There are now an abundance of clones as The Doctor recently started an anonymous shtick where he outs people of being obsessed with something or use his "may-may" incorrectly.

Known Rivals of "The Doctor"Edit

  1. TGcomix a.k.a. bobby2sox a.k.a. madaboutdoc a.k.a. "The Master"
  2. Dr. Autphag, a white supremacist tranny and founder of the Aspergen master race.
  3. Matt Miller, a fat fuck tax envader who relocated to China and now cannot shut the fuck up about China's "superiority".
  4. Syntax, Matt Miller's rival, an elderly man known for embellishing stories. Also rumored to be a Time Lord himself.



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