There's nothing scarier than coming home and finding a Yeti on your loo in Tooting Bec.
Jon Pertwee exercising his potty mouth. Tooting Bec? God, how childish.

180px-Donna Hides

Donna Noble taking a massive greasy shit.

180px-Ood on the loo

An Ood on the crapper.

Toilet 9

Eccleston making an Eccleslog.

Toilet 10

Ten backing one out.

Toilet 11

Uh, you don't get to bring friends.

Toilet 12

Silence will fall when the question is asked.

toilet was a device used for the disposal of bodily wastes and aborted fetuses. A toilet was often found in a room known as the TARDIS console room. Posh people referred to it as the Poo Poo Palace. (The Unicorn and the Wasp)

During the long, cold winter of 1963, the toilets of Coal Hill Secondary School froze over, and the Caretaker was forced to thaw them every morning, even in late March. (SPLINKTime and Relative

Blon Fel-Fotch Passameer-Day Slitheen, in the form of Colin Baker, took Cathy Salt to the toilets in order to kill her, after claiming his "little tummy" was "complaining" when he farted loudly. Soon after, when she farted after entering the toilet, Cathy remarked, "Sounds like we got here just in time." When Cathy revealed she was pregnant, Colin decided to let her go. (Boom Town)

There were no toilets in the base of LINDA, requiring members to use a cardboard box, as Victor Kennedy was reminded when he claimed Mr. Skinner had gone there. In reality, the The Abzorbaloff (Victor Kennedy) had shit his pants and then absorbed it back inside of himself (in reality, it was RTD who had shat on us all - Love & Monsters)

Both Penny Carter and Donna Noble hid in a toilet cubicle for a day, while investigating Adipose Industries, after Donna took a giant greasy smelly shit, Miss Foster soon discovered someone was spying on her and searched the toilets. She found Penny covered in feces, but not Donna. (Partners in Crime)

Amy Pond went to ladies' toilets of the White House in 1969 because she had to take a shit. She discovered a Silent there, and saw it destroy a woman called Joy. (The Impossible Astronaut)

Airplanes also had toilets. Jack Harkness once visited one after being poisoned by arses in his cola. He vomited there.

Sometime before 2013, before falling under the influence of the Great Intelligence, Mahler intended to fix the Shard's toilets. (The Bells of Saint John)

Sometime after 2013, an Ood wandered out of the TARDIS into the Ponds' house after the Eleventh Doctor visited it. Later, Amy Pond and Rory Williams found it on the Poo Poo Place. (Pond Life)

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