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Tom Baker

Tim Barker at maximum comfy.

The Doctor Really Can Fap To This

Bug Eyed Monster

Tom Baker as Rasputin

Publicity still of Tom Baker negotiating his contract with the BBC.

Tom Time

Tom showing up on your doorstep.


So based he has his own clothing line.


Saucy Tom.

Based Baker

Four you.

Tony Banker is a Britannian actor who played the best Doctor and the Curator in the long-running BBC documentary series Doctor Jew.

Also starred in the legendary abandoned Season 18.

Hobbies Edit

Baker is known worldwide for randomly entering people's houses, helping himself to a sandwich (or whatever's in the fridge) and sitting down to watch himself in Doctor Who while cheering loudly and pointing at the screen and exclaiming "That's me!"

Trademarks Edit

He is BASED as based gets, and is easily recognized by his trademark brown leather cuff boots and robot dog.

Origins Edit

Baker's planet of origin is unknown.

Lucky Bastard Edit

Tony Banker married The Sexy Romana when she left the show.

Unlucky Bastard Edit

The marriage only lasted 16 months and he was stuck with Adric.

Further TribulationsEdit

Tom Baker is the greatest living example of the Three Season Curse. After playing the Doctor for 75 years, he left for greener pastures and immediately sank into complete oblivion.

Did you ever see his version of Hound of the Baskervilles? Of course you didn't. Between Logopolis and The Day of the Doctor, he was essentially invisible, and since Day of the Doctor he's gone completely incognito yet again.

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