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Valley Girl companion when?


Voldemort's lost hoarcrux.

Totally Doctor Who 1x01

Totally Doctor Who 1x01

Hey, remember this?

Totally Doctor Who was essentially Confidential mixed with the Fan Show but with all the trappings of a weirdly dated 2006-2007 kids show. It's only really remembered now for broadcasting bits of The Infinite Quest (a story which, in itself, is only really remembered for being slightly better than Dreamland). It's also noted from an appearance by then fanfilm maker and now suspected sex offender Tony Coburn. Chances are if it were on today it would feature an appearance from Luke Newman or NeonVisual or some other bollocks. If you're really curious you can find clips of it on youtube but the reason you'd be curious is beyond me.

Real talk though, Edit

Despite how utterly shit it was, several members of /who/ have decided to become amateur Philip Morriseseseses and trawl through the Internet in search of full episode uploads. The programme was never released on any kind of home medium and fucking nobody watched it, so it's possible that some of the episodes are lost forever. Let's not have history repeat itself.

The episodes we've found so far buried deep within the bowels of VK (8 year old videos with a single view each) are 1x01, 1x02, 1x03, 1x05, 1x06, 1x08, 1x13, 2x01 and 2x12. This means we're missing Love & Monsters and Fear Her, which would no doubt be the lulziest of them all.