Natalie Mars

"But Doctor, before we go off on exciting adventures in time and space, there's something I have to tell you..."


Apparently we already had one when Susan regenerated into a male horse then time-traveled to the late 1800s.


The Doctor has a secret of his own to share...

The Transgendered Companion is a hypothetical companion of the Doctor. Upon revealing the true nature of her genitalia, the Doctor suggests taking her to the 27th century for a futuristic sex change. Unfortunately, the Transgender Companion gets ground up into dog food accidentally.

According to plebs we might be getting one in 2017.

Anonymous supports a Transgender Companion, do you?


/who/ by and large did not support a transgender companion, though the Doctor did:

  • Eh, what? You mean, hmmm, you've got, ah, an innie instead of an outie, yes? Ehh, ah, a penis, that is? Remarkable.
  • Ah, you're a different from the other girls, I see. Well, my dear, I won't tell a soul if you'd prefer it that way, my, ah, my lips are sealed.
  • In this day and age? Reassignment surgery is simply barbaric in this miserable period. Were my TARDIS working we could pop right round to the 27th century, a few days nano-genetic treatment would clear that right up.
  • A trans-girl, you say? Fascinating, might I see it? Hmmmm, yes, that is really something.
  • Yes, well, that's more than enough information for one day, I might think.
  • Really? Why, you're just like me! So many of the women I travel with are so stodgy and set in their ways, but not you, you're transformative! Not at all like the last girl I traveled with. When I changed my face she acted like it was the end of the world.
  • Oh, this is brrrrilliant! You could very nearly have fooled me, and that's an excellent start. A master of disguise, experienced in dressing as both genders? You're coming with me.
  • Ah, I'll admit that's a bit more than I'm used to learning about my companions up front. But I'd have never guessed if you hadn't told me.
  • You were born one way and have become something different? My dear, you and I have a lot in common.
  • Fantastic! Why don't you pull it out, let's have a see then. Yeah, I didn't think that would work, but it got a giggle out of you, didn't it?
  • What? Like, you've got-- um, you're... different, then? Well, I'll admit, you don't look it. Mind you, I wasn't exactly looking down there. Although now...
  • Really? Ha, that's brilliant. Love a transgirl, me. Got your hormones in order? 'Cause we could hop to the 27th century, get you fixed right up with whatever situation or combination you're looking for.
  • Well why don't you just fix it? Just turn into another gender? Right, no, humans, forgot. You're still in the early stages, aren't you? Haven't discovered transgenic nanosurgery yet. Well, that's something to look forward to.