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Faces of who

Mostly dead. RIP.

Trip drama

Previously, on all my tripfags...

How to deal with tripfags

Arm yourself, /who/.


Trips explained.


/who/ and trips have a history.

Trip Complex

Anon in The God Complex.

11 + Clara

>being a tripfag

Tripfag flow chart

They never learn.

Tripfags are the worst. There are literally only one or two good tripfags out of dozens.

List of /who/ tripfags/namefags:Edit

Technically not really tripfags: Edit

Not really tripfags at all: Edit

History Edit

/who/ and tripfags have a volatile past. Many were killed in The Last Great Trip War. They deserved it.

Reminder Edit

There are plenty of other /who/ tripfags not yet included on the above lists because they either died of AIDS or haven't made pages about themselves yet.

See also Edit

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