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...What kind of a fucking title is that? It sounds like some crappy live action Disney adaptation that no one gives two shits about. Christ, even The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe was a better name than this.


MY EYES! It appears as if the poor old Bill has fallen under the same curse as Patrick Troughton, Peter Cushing and Carrie Fisher.

Christmas Special 2017 Trailer – Doctor Who – BBC01:09

Christmas Special 2017 Trailer – Doctor Who – BBC

The trailer.

Twice Upon A Time is the 2017 Christmas Special, the final episode featuring Peter Claptrap as Twelvey, and the closing episode of the Steven Muppet era of the show. Good riddance Goodnight, my sweet prince.

Also known as TUAT (pronounced exactly how it looks).

/who/ brings you up to speedEdit

It's notable because it features the return of David Bradley to the show, though not as a rapist Dinosaur hoarder or as William Hartnell, but as the genuine article, the "First Doctor". This totally wasn't done because Moffat wanted everyone to think highly about his crappy era once he left.

Also asBill is back.

Mark Shatiss has returned in the form of Adolf Hitler.

Also Polly.

Check out Moffat's final episode and Capaldi's Last Episode to see the predictions of this special made by shitposters on /who/. They're bound to be entirely correct.

Also, check out the canon Twice Upon A Time page, created by one of our editors to be the true wiki entry for this story, but instantly made redundant by the predating existence of this article. (I guess you could say the page was made twice upon a time, eh? Eh? No?) However, wiki policy indicates that the more useless a page is, the more canon it is, ergo it's the most canon page of them all.

It'll be GOAT.

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