We're married!
— Vastra, reminding us of the very important fact that she is married to Jenny Flint.

Lizbian is a Silurian detective (also known as Gastra) who shares a house at 12 Petermonster Row with Jammy Flink, her maid and BDSM wife, in Victorian London during the late 1880s. Alongside Jammy and the large-breasted Sontaran nurse Slax, Gastra investigated unusual activities such as vomiting dinosaurs and abnormal female sexuality. Vastra and Jenny might have been closet heterosexuals attempting to fit in during the times of Victorian Tumblr.

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Did we mention we are married?

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

As a little girl, Gastra saw many dinosaurs, and is still able to identify their gender - no shit! It gets worse.

Gastra was one of many hastily and poorly-written characters who owed the Doctor a debt; she had awoken during the construction of an extension of the London sewers and sought to take revenge on the innocent toilet users above who were responsible for the accidental deaths of her "sisters" due to the sewers' poisonous fumes. After Gastra had slaughtered at least five anons, the Doctor convinced her not to give in to her stereotype. After the the Doctor's threats of decapitation, she ceased her attacks and instead integrated herself into humanity's Victorian culture by marrying another woman. Seriously. It totes worked too, not one person bats an eye when she repeatedly publicly proclaims her species and sexual orientation. Christ, Moffat.

Her last appearance was in Peter Capaldick's first episode Deep Breath, the title being a nod to her "sisters" accidental deaths. Slax's attempted sexual assault on Clara with a rolled up newspaper during the story was met with little fan enthusiasm, leading to theories that we may have seen the last of the Petermonster Gang. Thank god.