Vicki picked up where Susan left off.

Vicki + Steven

Lucky Steven.

Vicki (played by Maureen O'Brien) was kinda like Susan only with better writing. She's not to be confused with Victoria, if you can help it. Served as a companion to the First Doctor in 1965.

Character Edit

Vicki was a youth anarchist who helped the Doctor set fire to Rome. Afterwards she spraypainted #PuttingWingsOnPigs on the walls of the villa they were squatting in. She was rarely seen without her black bloc gear, her anarchy armband, or a few critical supplies for causing widespread creative destruction.

Appearances Edit

Showed up in The Rescue and left in The Myth Makers.

First Trans Companion Edit

Well, sort of. Actually, ve only dresses as a boy and insists that everyone call ver Victor when in the presence of English royalty, as in The Crusade or that one Gareth novel; the rest of the time, ve's cis-gendered. And come to think of it, maybe that's not even Vicki, it just comes with the job of companioning; Polly did the same thing not many episodes after Vicki left, and even Peri, of all people, disguised herself as a boy for Richard III in one of the audios. So, never mind.

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