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The first four.

Doctor Who Virgin New Adventures

Some based anon made a guide (which I've modified slightly)

Gatiss on the VNA licence


The Virgin New Adventures were a series of Doctor Who books that began in 1991 and ran until 1997. Written by virgins, for virgins, as the name suggests. They were started by a British writer called Peter Darvill-Evans and published by Virgin Books.

Background Edit

60 books about the Seventh Doctor and one about the Eighth Doctor (story of his life). They pick up where Survival left off with Seven and Ace.

Known for darker, mature (and occasionally violent and/or sexual) content including drug use, explicit language and looms.

The first four books form a quadrilogy dealing with the Timewyrm and the next three books form a trilogy called Cat's Cradle. From there they spiral off in all sorts of directions, introducing Benny along the way.

Here's the whole run as one big rar and here is each book individually right next door. Go nuts. Hiatus ain't gonna fill itself.

Authors Edit

Though they used some established Target authors like Terrance Dicks and John Peel and even got some then-current writers from the show like Marc Platt, Andrew Cartmel and Ben Aaronovitch, the VNAs are best known for publishing future NuWho-ruiners like Russell T. Davies, Mark Gatiss, Gareth Roberts and Paul Cornell (in some cases for the first time).

Other notable VNA authors include Kate Orman, Gary Russell, Jim Mortimore, David Banks and Lance Parkin. Even Larry bashed one out towards the end.

Why they died Edit

BBC took back the publishing licence after the TV Movie hype made them realise there was profit to be had. Gatiss described this as an "absolute scandal." The Beeb then continued doing pretty much exactly the same thing Virgin had been doing.

At the time Virgin had been releasing one New Adventure and one Missing Adventure a month - the New Adventures featuring the current Doctor (Seven) and the Missing Adventures featuring all the past Doctors. After the Beeb jewed the licence back BBC Books started releasing one Eighth Doctor Adventure and one Past Doctor Adventure a month - the EDA featuring the current Doctor (Eight) and the PDAs featuring all the past Doctors.

Real original Beeb. They even nicked a bunch of the same authors too. But I suppose, if it ain't broke...

Reception Edit

Some GOAT stories, some shit ones. Same ol' Doctor Who.

They're VNA level dark.

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