What, you mean Wales is separate? It's like the British equivalent of New Jersey.

The UK Venn Diagram

Yes it's a gif, no it's not animated, sorry.


It's basically just this for thousands and thousands of miles.



Wales is a... hmmm. It's a geopolitical entity devised by the UK to confuse other nations about what it is. It's over there in the UK, though, and apparently all the hicks and perverts of the British Empire come from there.

History with the ProgramEdit

So, Wales. Doctor Who. Man, what a twisted relationship.

The classic series made extensive use of Wales as blasted hellscapes, untamed wildlands, and the occasional gloomy moor. The Death Zone was in Wales, most notably. Likewise, the Welsh themselves were rarely treated with much respect, but then, nobody got any respect in the classic series, least of all the show itself.

Later on, some coked up welsh homosexual rolled over one day, looked up at the ceiling, and thought "You know, I should bring Doctor Who back," and then he did. Now, the series is filmed in Cardiff (you knew that, right?) and is frequently set there as well. Torchwood was likewise devised as a spinoff set entirely, and tragically, in Cardiff. Funny, isn't it, that the best season is mostly set in England...

So far, none of the Doctors have been Welsh, continuing a proud tradition set forth by Queen Elizabeth II who declared that so long as she and her family hold sovereingty over the British Empire, there will never be a Doctor from Wales, Ireland, or any of the commonwealth countries.

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