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Weeping Angels evolved over the course of millions of years to be 2spooky4u.

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Reminder to SPLINK.


They have feet. CANON.

The Weeping Angels were the only good contribution to the Doctor Who universe made by Steven Moffat until he ruined them through overuse.

Story Edit

They first appeared in the 2007 episode "Splink ", and have since featured in countless other stories as a testament to Moffat's lack of imagination. Within the series' narrative, the Weeping Angels are extraterrestrial predators resembling statues that have existed since the dawn of time to enforce the Green Cross Code. They feed off the "potential energy" of the years human roadkill would have lived if they had only learned to SPLINK . Danny made for a particularly delectable feast (if a little burned).

Reception Edit

Oh of the love of God, these incredibly annoying bastards!

They debuted in what was likely, even objectively speaking, the Tenth Doctor's best story. Of course, this was partly because it had none of the Tenth Doctor being RTD's Christ, Moral Mouthpiece, and Labour Party Representative, and instead, the Tenth Doctor just acted like the Doctor; in fact, this time, he acted more like the Doctor than any Doctor. Goes to show that David Tennant can actualy be really fucking GOAT if you give him a different writer than RTD. Anyway, it got hugely popular for its creative format of having to contact the Doctor where he cannot be contacted, and for monsters that can only move when you don't watch them. Realizing that Rose rushes things like all getout and that no new fans would know what the Hell was going on in that one, many fans got the admittedly clever notion to show this to non-fans as their first NuWho story instead.

Oh my God did that backfire.

Oh, this episode was just fine for being the launching point for new fans into the show, don't get me wrong, but when scrubs started on Blink, they got the entirely wrong impression about the show, because it was mostly just Weeping Angels in that particular episode. So they then started coming to this show only to see the Weeping Angels, and literally nothing else, in spite of the show's long legacy of traveling to just about anywhere in any time, exploring scientific concepts, exploring history, engaging companions like Sarah Jane, Jamie, and Leela, the various incarnations of the Doctor himself, loveable supporting characters like Lethbridge-Stewart, interesting villains like the Master and Davros, and cool monsters the Daleks. This ignorance at the show's actual purposes caused posts all over the internet to be filled with "the Weeping Angels are truly the most masterful epitome of horror!" (wait, I'm sorry, but do you even Fendahl bro?) and "hey, when are we going to see the Weeping Angels again?" and "where are the Weeping Angels?" and "I'll bet that the Weeping Angels will be the main villains of the next season," and "the Weeping Angels are the archenemies of the Doctor!" and "isn't this the Weeping Angel show?" and even "they need to make Weeping Angel cereal!" It was incredibly cringey because it resulted in over-exposing what was a perfectly fine monster in small doses, thus ruining one's ability to properly enjoy it. All of the fanfiction and the fanart featured Weeping Angels, for a couple of years, they were fucking everywhere. The truth is, the Weeping Angels are like David Tennant himself: There was almost nothing wrong with them at all, but so many people came with all of the wrong expectations, and overexposed them so badly, that they ultimately got annoying anyway.

It goes to show that if you want to enjoy the Tenth Doctor and the Weeping Angels, don't Tumblr! Tumblr and you're dead!

And then, one day, it happened.

The Weeping Angels came back.

And they came back again.

And again.

And these appearances utterly butchered what were a perfectly fine monster in Blink. The problem with Blink was that the plot could only work because the Doctor wasn't there and nobody could use the TARDIS too easily. To make the following Weeping Angel plots work, they had to make the rules completely bend over backwards, skewering what they used to be.

And thus ironically, the episode that sparked the growth of the Doctor Who fandom ultimately became its downfall. Between the fans who wanted more angels and jumped ship really quickly, and the fans who stayed long enough for more Angels and then glumly switched the telly off when they saw how truly wretched they became, many of the new fans gained left the show, thus the Weeping Angels turned Doctor Who from something only pathetic basement dwellers would watch, into one of the easiest ways to get a girlfriend, back into something only pathetic basement dwellers would watch (I guess when you put it that way, the Weeping Angels really are the ultimate nemesis of the Doctor after all). BRAVO MOFFAT!!!

Fortunately, we all learned our lessons, and they haven't been seen since.

But one day, they might return.

Any statue could be an Angel.

Don't blink.

Blink and you're dead.

Don't turn your back.

Don't look away.

And don't blink.

Good luck.

...You totally read that entire reception description in either David Tennant's voice or Stubagful's voice, didn't you?