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  • Santa is real
  • Santa isn't real
  • We might be dreaming everything
  • Clara is confirmed for Series 9
  • Shona is best dancer
  • Shona for new companion
  • We need to forgive Dave
  • Who the fuck is Dave
  • The title sequence is STILL FUCKING OFF SYNC
  • Nick Frost is a badass Santa Claus
  • Dan Starkey was playing Elf Strax
  • Michael Troughton is actually Patrick Troughton in disguise
  • Danny is only a dream and could possibly come back to give Clara advice on shit
  • Moffat does things
  • Alien is offensive (no wonder the Doctor refused to call his John Hurt incarnation the Doctor)
  • Believe in Santa Claus or Facehugger-Wannabes will fuck you up
  • You will never ride a sleigh with Santa Claus, Based Calamari, QT Clara and England's Best Dancer
  • Calamari looks GOAT in a hoodie
  • You need to get a hoodie
  • Clara is even more QT in a nightie
  • This was nearly Christmas Carol tier
  • Moffat has learned
  • Nick Frost wasn't good enough to be listed with Capaldi and Coleman
  • Nathan McMullen is an elf
  • Red Dwarf crossover confirmed?

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