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Welcome to the /who/ Wiki: Shit Trips: Vol. 2 out now.Edit

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Current part of the show that we are complaining about and being autistic in relation to:

Jodie Whittaker has been cast as Lucky 13. WELCOME TO THE BLONDE AGE. (no strawberry here)


The motto: Doctor Who is fake and gay.

"Sixth" Doctor is GOAT and canon.

Every other Doctor is non-canon shit, fuck you.

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How to Use This Wiki Edit

You read it, dummy. The Who Wiki makes no pretense of relaying information without opinion but instead waves that skid-marked towel proudly because it knows its opinions are right and yours are just so wrong it doesn't know where to even begin. While using this wiki, you will probably find some information that will enrage you - this is for your own good.  Besides, you may freely ignore such material as much of it, although rather profound, is also exceedingly inaccurate.

/who/ Wiki's canon policy Edit

Doctor Who is a terrible show that nobody watches full of fake science and fake history, so if it's good, real, or people watch it on television, it's Non-Canon. If it's fake, bad, and not watched on television, then it must be Canon.

Admins Edit

These contemptible souls do it for free.



Funny how in retrospect the good times seem so short.

/who/ wiki™ is proudly owned and operated by Henry Van Statten © 2014.Edit

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