Sgt. Who

The Pandorica Opens/Big Bang Praise

Series 6 Trailer

First Usage Of Smallfat

Day of the Doctor Sticky

Twelfth Doctor Casting

Basement Mcgann Era Begins

Mcgann & Tardis

Mcgann & Dalek

Mcgann & Son

Mcgann & 9th Doctor

Mcgann dressed as 9

Mcgann Birthday

Night Of The Doctor

Basement Mcgann Era Ends.

Arguing Over The Scientific Accuracy of 10 falling through the glass and surviving in End Of Time

Happy Colin Baker.gif

Based twitter guy trolls the fuck out of Ian (((Levine))) and he gets completely assblasted

Serial Slayer is revealed to be samefagging

Big Finish gets spoiled and someone starts leaking the Skype Group chats. (don't go to that link unless you've listened to all of the EDAs or don't give a fuck about being spoiled)

Martha Is Fat


Scripts Leak

Episode 2 Begins Seeding On The Pirate bay

Episode 4 Leaks

Episode 5 Leaks

Chicky Invasion Of /who/


/who/'s Darkest Hour (Grand-daughter takes off her trip because /who/ won't shut up about wanting to fuck her)

Tupperware Audio: Planning Phase

The Missing Tuppeware (/who/ audio play) premieres

/pol/ gets maximum REKT

GOD I LOVE THIS MEME aka Fuck Offerino

 Mel has a cleverly written personality Anon

/bait/- B8 General

Gallifrey_Immigrant doesn't recognize Sgt. Pepper and dubs demand grilled Lungbarrow (delivery slightly disappointing)

Series 9 Trailer

Moffat leaving Doctor Who Confirmation

Melanon 2: Elelctric Boogaloo

2016 Companion Anoucement (live anoucement) (aftermath)

NYCC 2016 Christmas Special/Class Trailer Blue Balls

John Hurt dies

Capaldi leaving Doctor Who confirmation

The (Second) Last Great Gallifrey Base/4chan War

Jodie Whittaker announced as the Thirteenth Doctor

The 2018 death of /who/

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