Dr. Who Cushing

Completely canon

Dr. Who is totally canon because the Tardis Wikia article for The Celestial Toymaker says this in the behind-the-scenes section:

In an interview, Peter Cushing stated that he believed that his human incarnation of the Doctor was canon, and that his film version of the Doctor and the television Doctor were bridged together by the Celestial Toymaker. His theory was that his Doctor is a future incarnation kidnapped by the Toymaker, who "wiped his memory and made him relive some of his earlier adventures."

Moffat declared that in his mind, the Dr. Who movies were made by Ian and Barbara to warn Earth about the threat of Daleks. Because a couple English schoolteachers who went missing for three years and presumably kidnapped and murdered their pupil during that time would be able to make that movie.

Or, hear me out here, it's just a spinoff, every bit as canon as Torchwood.