It's gone dark... it's them aliens again, I'll bet my pension. What do you want this time you green swine? You get back inside Sylvia, they always want the women!
— Wilf's thoughts on interspecies breeding.


Dem Wilf feels.

Wilf Being Wilf

Wilf legit never killed a man in WWII and RTD added in this scene because Wilf was proud of that fact. This ranks in the top five things RTD has ever done.

Silence Wilf All

Based Wilf (played by Rolf Harris) was a GILF and the best fucking companion in the show.

Story Edit

Wilfred Mott was Donna's Granddad and a companion to the Tenth Doctor. In The End of Time he got himself locked in some deadly radiation cage which ended up killing the Doctor. BRAVO WOLF. No, seriously, bravo. It was way past time for Ten to be on his way. Good on you, mate.

Also, in the comics it's revealed that if the Tenth Doctor chose to let Wilf die instead of regenerating he'd become the evil ruler of the universe. Thank fuck for Wilfred.

Appearances Edit

Wilf first appears in Voyage of the Damned (2007) and was last seen in The End of Time (2010).

/who/ Edit

No one on /who/ has ever spoken against him and anyone who does is a goddamn monster.

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