Fart rape

It's distressing how well this image goes with the RTD years.

Like most three-quels, World War Three PFTBTFTBTTPPFFFFFFFF! was a serious downgrade from the previous entries. World War Three was a conflict fought in a single room by three people against a single family. It ended with the begin of the 3 month long Golden Age of Britain.

Plot Edit

The Doctor and some losers are under siege in Downing Street, where they discover, much to their shock, that Bush did 9/11. Luckily, the Doctor is able to order a stealth missile launch that, coupled with a controlled demolition and a holographic plane, allows him and his buddies to escape. At the last moment, Blon Slitheen also escapes (somehow?), resulting in the British government being completely decapitated and a cryptofascist from Flydale North taking over the nation.

So, to recap:

  • Faked crash into large building
  • Trumped up fake war over "mass weapons of destruction"
  • Facist regime installed

Sheer poetry, dear boy.

Reception Edit

Noted author and sane person Lawrence Miles, upon seeing evil fat people farting on the telly, declared it the best thing on television. Which, to be fair, Britain? 2005? That's probably true.

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