Were you looking for Zardox, a resort from a 2004 Doctor Who novella anthology nobody remembers? Too bad, you don't even get a link.

Zardox is the best villain in all of Doctor Who. He was critically praised with one anon calling him "Best new villain tbh". He was the arch enemy of the Acne Doctor. They didn't even get him back for the Series 1 finale, bloody plebs.

No link to Za has been confirmed as of yet, but there is a definite similarity in GOATness levels.


Zardox and his lazy eye.

The tragic tale of Zardox Edit

Zardox accused the Doctor of having murdered his brother. The Doctor failed to recall this (noting that he would remember all those who die in his name), and concluded that it must occur in his future.

Through a feat of truly Moffian logic, the Doctor accused Zardox of being the one TRULY responsible for his brother's death, by informing the Doctor of his future deed and thus setting the act as an inevitability, lest a paradox occur. After rubbing this in the distraught Zardox's face for a bit, the Doctor fucked off.

Zardox: Revelations Edit

After being delayed by an absurd amount of time, ardent fans of FanFilm films will finally bear witness to the resolution of this epic saga in Summer 2016 - when Series 4 is set to depict the earth-shaking confrontation between the Doctor and Zardox's doomed brother Krovax, now the recruit of a dark and terrifying berk in a cardboard mask. UPDATE: It's 2018 and this plot point has still not been fucking addressed. The last opportunity for it to be so will occur in the upcoming special (and finale for Newman's incarnation of the Acne Doctor), The Fall of the Doctor.