A typical Zygon.

Free loli

No wonder Tennant loves Zygons.

Zygon Plan

The Zygons are David Tennant's favourite monsters from Doctor Who.

Background Edit

They first showed up in the 1975 Fourth Doctor story Terror of the Zygons. Despite being in one four-parter in the old series in which they pretty much just stomped around being genero-evil, everyone likes to pretend they're iconic.

Story Edit

The Zygons originate from the planet Zygor and have shape-shifting abilities allowing them to replicate the appearance of another being, but they must keep the subject alive in order to use its body print HA HA MOFFUCKED HARNESSED AGAIN.

The 50th Edit

They showed up again in The Day of the Doctor where one of them took on the form of Queen Elizabeth so Ten fucked it and married it. Apparently Tennant really likes Zygons.

Trivia Edit

Need more Zygons? Try Zygon: When Being You Just Isn't Enough.

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